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With a goofy grin spread across her face, the first ever Scottish TNA Knockout, the 5ft3, 23 year old Chloe Storm, from Edinburgh, stood next to Jeremy Borash, Chloe seemed quite happy as she waved a mini-American flag in her hand as if she was thinking she was winning the American fans over with her obviously false love for America and TNA, it was so transparent that it was almost endearing that Chloe genuinely believed she was winning the fans over.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, from Edinburgh Scotland but soon to be residing in the United States Of America, Chloe Storm” Borash spoke as Chloe leaned in and grinned before her thick Scottish accent spoke into the microphone.

“Hello America. It is I, Chloe Storm, the all-American gal, the most patriotic Knockout that you will ever see and someone who really appreciates the fact that I get to wrestle in this great country. In fact I have sold my flat in Edinburgh and have decided to live in Orlando in this beautiful USA.” Chloe grinned as she waved her American flag around, which only got the fans booing the Scot more, but Chloe just bashfully blushed as Jeremy asked the young woman.

“Well Chloe I understand that you already bought a house in Orlando?”

“That’s correct Borash. In fact, since people have found out I’m living in America, my phone has been ringing off the hook and you know what they’ve been seeing Borash?”

“No. What have they been saying?”

“They’ve been saying ’Please Chloe Storm, let me move next to you so I can be your neighbour!’” Chloe grinned with a cheer as the heel waved her small American flag with pride as Borash rolled his eyes at Chloe as the fans just booed her even more as Chloe waved to the booing fans with a giddy grin on her face and almost child-like glee in her eyes as the fans started to chant ‘USA’ at Chloe and that only caused Chloe to get more happy as she bounced up and down, squealing happily in enjoyment as she announced to Borash.

“They like me Borash! They really, really love me here! God bless America!” Chloe finished, waving her flag and flashing the peace sign with her free hand as she waved to Borash and bounded off happily off camera as she finished her promo.
Not Knowing Your Own Lies
I have no idea when this is. I just know it isn't in current TNA. I really have a lot of fun writing heels who think they're babyfaces and Chloe Storm is always entertaining to write and I may have watched too many Fabulous Rougeau Brothers promos before this but it was cool to see two Quebecers who hated America but were still all smiles and 'We Love The USA' in English only to insult them in French.

Its really not much but it should be at least entertaining, hopefully anyway.… (This is the attire for Chloe's promo by the way, she looks pretty good I think)

Chloe Storm (C) Me
Borash (C) Himself
WWE Monday Night Raw
Target Centre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The signature theme of Attention, that would usually signify the arrival of the manager of the United States Champion, Rusev, who would be flanked by Lana and the stooge of the group Kalem. However this time it was just Kalem who came out, the young man with a slight beard adorning his face, a grey sweater vest with a red checked shirt and some grey dress pants and black smart, shined shoes.

“Oh great, just what we need” Jerry Lawler groaned as Kalem ignored the booing fans and entered the ring, taking a microphone and clearing his throat as the stooge of the Rusev and Lana alliance seemed to be nervous without Rusev or Lana to hide behind as he said with a hint of surprising confidence when he finally started to speak “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kalem, the associate of Lana and Rusev, the man who makes sure that you people are aware of how lucky and talented you are to have this man as your United States Champion”

Kalem just smirked as the ‘USA’ chants filled the building but the young man took it in his stride and calmly said “Real original. Doesn’t the WWE stand for World Wrestling Entertainment, hell, I thought this was the land of the free and all that. Shouldn’t you people judge him on his talents and the fact he is not only undefeated but he is your United States Champion and I suggest you show him some respect”

“Well he hasn’t shown us much respect either!” Michael Cole retorted from behind the announce desk as Kalem carried on over the boos and USA chants “Now you people have a problem with Rusev…why is that? Is it because the Bulgarian born Russian Super Athlete is more talented than any of your American wrestlers? Is it because a foreigner is your United States Champion or is it because you’re all a bunch of bigoted, xenophobic, racist pieces of trailer trash scum!?”

With the fans at their boiling point of heel heat, Kalem just seemed calm and smug as he knew his words were hitting home with the fans as he mentioned “Well Lana has allowed me to come out here and speak my mind and praise the greatest United States Champion this company has ever seen and will ever see!” Kalem laughed out arrogantly as he stopped and looked to the commentary team and smiled affably “Mr. Michael Cole, the voice of the WWE, please come up and join me in the ring sir” Kalem nodded and even held the ropes open as Cole shrugged and entered the ring while King and JBL looked on, curious as to what Kalem wanted with their broadcast colleague.

“Now as you all know” Kalem grinned as he wrapped his arm around Cole in a friendly way and looked out towards the audience “This man is a broadcast journalist. He is a former war correspondent and he is a man that always tells the truth and is paid to be unbiased is that correct Michael?” Kalem asked Michael who spoke into the microphone “Yes…yes it is Mr.Kalem”

“Good. Now we’ve cleared that up, you have seen the path of broken American bodies that Rusev has left in his wake. He is not only the United States Champion but he is undefeated. Is that not correct too?”

“Yes that is true. He is undefeated and he is the United States Champion”

Kalem smirked and laughed out cheerily as he asked Cole in a friendly manner “So you will announce to all these people that Rusev is the greatest United States Champion of all time and is better than every single one of these Americans here tonight!”

With Kalem standing brashly with his chest puffed out as Michael Cole looked at the young man and responded “Kalem, I can’t, I’m a broadcast journalist and I’m paid to be impartial, it’s my job”

Hearing that Kalem turned and just brushed it off smiling “Of course you can Michael” he gestured to JBL and Lawler who were still at the announce booth as he pointed to the two announcers “Those two racists and smart-asses don’t have a problem with insulting Rusev, Lana and myself on a weekly basis but I know you’re better than that. Now go on, say it and we’ll all be cool” Kalem lightly pushed Cole forward as the WWE announcer sighed and said “Kalem…I’ve told you I can’t do this-“

Kalem’s tone changed as angrily gritted his teeth and barked out “Michael! You’re embarrassing me and by association Rusev and Lana now say that Rusev is the greatest United States Champion in history or else. You will say that he is superior to every single damn American in this building and you’ll say it right now! Don’t make this difficult Michael”

“Kalem. You know what I won’t say that because America is a country founded on freedom of speech, you can’t bully or force me into saying what you want me to say, that’s not how we do things over here!” Cole stood up to Kalem as the fans gave a cheap pop to Cole for the first time in a long time as Kalem just scoffed and seemed more condescendingly amused than anything else as he folded his arms.

“If you three hate America so much then why don’t you just go back to where-ever you came from-“

“Michael…you still haven’t said what I’ve told you to say” Kalem said almost cheerily as he smiled but it was obvious the anger was building inside the young man as Cole fired back with “Shouldn’t you have asked Lana’s permission to respond to me. I’m surprised you don’t have to get an order from her to put one foot in front of the other. You’re nothing but a leech and a stooge, you’re someone who-“

Tired of the tirade from Cole, Kalem just smiled and nodded before flooring Cole with a punch to the face as Lawler exclaimed “What the hell did he do that for?!” as Kalem mounted Michael and viciously started to unload fists onto the announcer as the boos and ‘You Suck’ chants could be heard throughout the building as Kalem stood up and narrowed his eyes, his face an expression of pure rage as he kicked an on-all-fours Cole right in the ribs as he started to viciously punch the announcer as he screamed into the microphone angrily “Say Rusev is the greatest United States Champion in history you son of a bitch! Come on Michael!! Say it!!!”

“This guy is a lunatic!” Lawler exclaimed from behind the announce desk as in the ring, Kalem yanked Cole up to his feet and threw the announcer through the middle rope to the outside as the well-dressed lackey of Rusev and Lana followed suit while Kalem viciously lifted Cole to his feet and grabbed a hold of his hair and back of his pants as Kalem launched the former heel announcer head-first into the steel steps as Kalem stood back and ran a hand through his black hair and started to laugh as Jerry Lawler stepped in front of Cole to help him as Kalem just laughed and called out to Lawler “Now you get involved you old –bleep-“ as Kalem spat on the floor by ‘The King’ before heading back up the ramp before calling out to the booing American fans.

“Long Live Rusev!!”

This was defiantly a side of Kalem that no-one expected to see, especially since he was so willing to serve both Rusev and Lana, it certainly appeared that outside of Rusev and Lana, Kalem had no respect for anyone else and with his heinous attack on Michael Cole, the WWE Universe had to believe that there was a long list of American superstars eager to get at Kalem as much as Rusev and Lana.
You'll Believe Me Regardless If You Want To Or Not
Kalem's back with Rusev and Lana and this time Kalem gets to show a more vicious streak when Michael Cole gives the young man a lecture of American values. I'd like to thank RatedVickie for helping me with my writing and I hope I'm getting better and I really hope you all hate Kalem because if you do then I'm doing my job right xD

Its not that long but I've got a lot on my mind with family issues and new year coming up but I wanted to give you guys something.

Enjoy :)

Kalem (C) Me
Everyone Else (C) Themselves
“Nikki? Nikki? Come on this isn't a time for you to turn invisible" Auld mentioned as he looked around the cave that he and Nikki used as a base of operations as the armoured blue expressionless alien chuckled out "Very funny Nikki, you win, just come out"

Auld looked at a mock watch on his wrist before he realised that he hadn't heard his surrogate daughter giggle or snicker like she usually did when she tried to scare him. Ironically Nikki not being around was a bit unnerving for Auld, he wasn't an over-protective 'dad', which went without saying, but he knew something was defiantly up.

Auld sighed as he thought back and tried to remember any moment where Nikki got upset with him like a typical daughter would but he couldn't think of anything so serious that she would leave however when he turned around he got the surprise of his life and if he had any eyes they would've widened.

Standing before him was someone who had the exact same suit of armour as he did but the armour was black as opposed to blue, Auld knew from that armour alone that the person he was looking at was a native of the same planet that Auld came from.

"Nice to see you again Auld" the black armoured alien mentioned to the blue mercenary although the voice of the black armoured Auld look-a-like had a more metallic and sympathised drone whereas Auld's, by comparison was more human sounding. "I'm sorry I know you?" Auld questioned as he suddenly mentioned "Look I don't have time for this but I'm looking for my daughter, she's got a bob-cut, a multi-coloured ninja tunic-"

"Is her name Nicola Davidson?" the counterpart asked as Auld mentioned "No. It's Nikki Davidson-"

Then the penny dropped as he span around and pointed to the armoured alien and demanded "How'd you know that?!"  

With a snicker the black alien held up a purple crystal and laughed "She's in here. The girl doesn't shut up, did you raise her to be that crazy?" as Nikki was in the inside of the gem on her own, screaming in panic for her father figure to come and rescue her, normally Nikki would never be so scared but she had never been on her own for years.

"I swear if you've hurt her I will dismantle you piece-by-piece!" Auld threatened clenching his fist as his tone rose but he never raised his voice as the black alien just laughed and retorted with "Big words from such a pathetic disgrace to our always were the favourite at the ninja academy, I was the one who you defeated, you were the one who ruined my perfect record-"

Auld angrily cut the alien off with "Look, I defeated a lot of people back in the day, you're hardly going to make me remember your name by saying that I've pummelled you. You could hardly be that perfect. Now give me back my daughter! If you've got a problem with me then take it up with me!"

"Well maybe this will help you remember my name!" the black alien pulled out a black battle-ax similar to Auld's and that's when Auld remembered the name of the person who kidnapped his daughter figure "Ven?"

"Got it in one" the robotic voice and mechanical laugh of the alien sent shivers through Auld's body but before Auld could say anything else, Ven slammed his battle axe on the ground and disappeared in a puff of smoke with Nikki still trapped in that jewel as Auld looked around and realised that his black armoured counterpart was nowhere to be found "This means war Ven!" Auld knew that he had to do something to stop his black counterpart from killing his daughter figure; he also had a pretty good idea of where he’d taken the crystal with Nikki inside it to.

Auld quickly rushed outside of the cave that he and Nikki called home and no sooner had he stepped outside that he ran right into the SPD Rangers who were all unmorphed and glaring at Auld but before any of them could say a word to the armoured alien, Auld sarcastically jested “Could today possibly get any better. Listen I’d love to have our countless battles but I’m one Nikki Davidson short so, ahem, if you wouldn’t mind” Auld gestured for the Rangers to move out of his way and when they refused Auld’s tone got more angry “Look! I don’t have time for this! Move out of my way and bother someone else!!”

“What’s the hurry Auld?” The Omega Ranger, Joel Sullivan asked as Auld snapped out “None of your business rook!” he stopped and questioned himself if he actually called Joel ‘rook’ like Nikki constantly did as Auld wielded his silver and blue battle axe and asked “Don’t you just want to move out of my way so we can get along with our lives?” when the rangers refused Auld snapped out “Me neither!” as Auld ran forward and swung his battle axe and the unmorphed rangers, who ducked as Auld ducked a kick from Syd and sweeped the leg of the pink ranger before leaping to his feet and jumping over a sweep from Joel as Auld spin-kicked the unmorphed Omega Ranger back before catching a leaping Bridge in mid-air and throwing the quirky green ranger into a tree.

“Any others?” Auld questioned, wanting to get the brawl over with as quickly as possible so he could focus on finding Nikki as he heard Sky’s voice “Yeah!” as Auld span around and matrix dodged a kick from the unmorphed blue ranger as he slashed Sky with his battle axe as Auld quipped “Now you’re the blue and black ranger!”

“Hey, Auld!” Auld span around as the expressionless blue alien span around and got shot with the SPD Blasters from Jack that sent the father figure of Nikki back as Auld groaned out “Great! Just what I needed!” Auld pulled himself up and bit out to the rangers “I have bigger fish to fry than you stooges. I have places to go and a person to find so it’s been fun” Auld waved and disappeared in a puff of ninja style smoke as the unmorphed rangers looked to each-other in confusion. Auld defiantly seemed to be in more of a hurry than normal and the absence of Nikki Davidson was also odd considering the two were nearly inseparable.


“Can I ask why you put me in this thing?” Nikki Davidson asked from within the purple crystal as Ven just chuckled in his metallic way that couldn’t sound anymore different to Auld as the black armoured Ven just responds with “You’re a great bargaining chip. Albeit you’re insane and unpredictable-”

“Aww you’re too kind” Nikki blushed bashfully with no hint of sarcasm or irony, as if she did regard those insults as compliments as Ven bit out “That wasn’t a compliment!!” as Nikki just snickered from inside the crystal “No-wonder Auld doesn’t like you. To be honest, black doesn’t work with that armour at all. Blue works really well and I imagine red would look cool but-“ Nikki’s ‘Bridge’ like behaviour and open-ended questions weren’t really improving Ven’s irritated mood.

“So…why do you hate Auld? Did he steal a girlfriend…actually, do the females of your species have the same armour but just in a different colour?” Nikki asked, she thought she might as well find out some information about Ven and Auld’s species as Ven growled out in his metallic way “Me and Auld come from a distant planet. We are a race of proud ninjas and we believe in superiority over humans like you and your SPD Blue Ranger father-“

“How did you know he was the blue ranger!?!” Nikki bit out angrily at the mention of her beloved father who was the original SPD Blue Ranger along with the father of Sky Tate, who was the red ranger, as Ven laughed out “Well when you hired someone to kill him you tend to know everything about your target” and then it hit Nikki, although Ven didn’t kill her father directly he paid someone to do it for him as Nikki’s cheerful yet deranged affability gave way to psychopathic rage as she screamed out savagely ”I’ll kill you, tear that stupid helmet off your head and use it as a stress ball!!”

“And Auld” Ven chuckled “Well I was about to kill him too. You see, he told the authorities that I had paid someone to kill your father and, well, he was about to get killed himself before a certain somebody got involved…you had to get involved and help Auld and save him from certain death and you two became team-mates I was forced to flee my own planet! I’ve waited for this moment for a long time and after I kill Auld I’m going to kill you!”

“Well to get through her you’ll have to get through me!” Auld’s voice called out as Ven turned around and same Auld resting on his battle axe almost casually, it was obvious that Ven wasn’t as reserved or calm as Auld was and Auld was planning on riling Ven up. “How’ve you been? It’s been ages since we’ve seen each-other” Auld waved to Ven who metallically shouted back “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough. It was quite an excellent monologue and it’s a fitting rant to die on. That rant is going to be remembered as famous last words.” Auld’s tone then became a lot more serious “People like me have lines where we won’t cross! If I was hunting you down I would’ve gone for you and only you. I wouldn’t have trapped your daughter figure in a crystal because I know that without that crystal she’d kick your teeth in and cut you to ribbons.  But if you want a fight then I’m right here! But first let me get the right look. Dual Mode!”

Suddenly Auld’s blue face-plate opened up to reveal a black, machine like face as Nikki’s eyes were wide from inside the crystal as Ven did the same thing, revealing white face identical to Auld’s as Auld pulled out his silver and blue battle axe while Ven pulled out his black battle axe as Auld quipped “A trip down memory lane right?” as both armoured aliens charge in as Auld ducks a kick from Ven, who in turn leaps over a sweep from Auld as Auld swung his battle axe at Ven, who blocked it with his own battle axe as Ven kicked Auld away and slashed at Auld with his battle axe sending the blue alien down to the beach where the brawl was taking place as Auld remarked “Now I know how the rangers feel!” as Auld rolled out of the way of another axe shot from Ven as Ven laughed out “You’re pathetic Auld! You always have been and you always will be!”

“Is that why I’m still standing after you tried to kill me the first time. Lightning doesn’t strike twice my friend? You had the chance to kill me years ago and Nikki didn’t let that happen. Well I’m not even going to give you the chance to kill me! This ends now!!” Auld barked out as he and Ven clash their battle-axes together as Auld suddenly stepped back and slashed the jewel containing Nikki that was around Ven’s neck as Nikki was out of the way of the battle, Auld shoved Ven away, Ducked an attempted axe shot from Ven, Auld sprang up as he and Ven start to block each-others kicks and strikes.

Auld’s attempted kick got caught by Ven who threw the father figure of Nikki across the beach as Auld crashed into a tree as Auld pulled himself up as Ven yanked Auld up and asked “How does it feel to know that your failing to stop me will lead to the death of your daughter?” however Auld just chuckled and asked Ven “Ever heard the old human expression? It isn’t over until it’s over!” and with Ven confused at the comment, Auld ducked behind Ven and kicked his axe down before slashing Ven with his blue and silver axe in the leg so that Ven was face first over his own axe “Now you can say it’s over!” as Auld lifted his boot up and drove his foot into the back of Ven’s head, causing Ven to go headfirst into his own axe, killing him instantly.

Even Auld’s true form didn’t really have human eyes that could go wide, but if he did they would be the size of dinner plates, he hoped that he never had to go through a battle that intense ever again as the armoured blue alien rushed up to the gem containing Nikki as he lifted it up and smashed it, which caused Nikki to appear next to Auld, the psychopathic mercenary with the ninja tunic’s eyes were wide in shock as she sat on the beach, looked to Auld and flung her arms around her father figure “Are you okay Nikki?” Auld asked with fatherly concern as Nikki nodded and looked at Ven’s dead body before looking at Auld’s true face as she mentioned “I liked it better with the face-plate on” as Auld retorted with “How about you get a haircut that matches the right decade” as the two looked to each-other before flinging their arms around the other again before the two realised that SPD were on their way so they had to be quick in their escape as Nikki and Auld looked to each-other and chuckled before snapping their fingers in unison and disappearing in a ninja puff of smoke as the SPD Rangers came across Ven’s dead-body.

Auld had been through hell to try and find his daughter but if he had to save Nikki’s life again tomorrow he would do it in a heartbeat and although Auld would never say it to Nikki, he preferred fighting the Rangers because at least the Rangers had depths they wouldn’t sink to in order to get what they wanted and Auld was personally just happy that Nikki was okay, especially considering what would have happened if Auld had lost. Auld was just thankful that he didn’t lose and this was defiantly a brawl that both he and Nikki were going to remember for a very long time.
If You Think I'm Evil. You Should Meet My Enemies
I've got back into the grind! This is my first Auld-centric fic and it shows a bit more of his fatherly side towards Nikki and also where he came from and also it shows what's underneath that face-plate. I talked to MiPiSexi about this and I started this Tarantino style where it doesn't start at the start to keep the viewer guessing if you know what I mean. This was such a cool piece to write and it was awesome to see Auld get the spotlight on his own for once :P

Also, does Auld look better with the face-mask or without it?

Nikki Davidson, Auld and Ven (C) Me
Joel Sullivan (C) KamenRiderReaper
Everyone Else (C) Disney
Can I just stress that my mum and dad are both happy as friends. My mum's happy because she has a new husband who I get along with really well, my dad is happy because he has a new girlfriend who was his first wife (my mum is his third wife) and I'm happy that my dad is happy.

But I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, she's patronising, won't shut up and will always make sly digs at me and I always bite my tongue because my dad's happiness is genuinely important to me and I don't want to ruin it because of selfishness so If she's going to be moving in then I guess I'll have to put up with her but that doesn't change the fact that I hate her guts. She thinks I should be doing everything and expects that I should know how to do things that I have never been told how to do. Like what the fuck do you expect you stupid fucker!?

I just want my dad to be happy but his girlfriend did mention that if she was in my position she would kill myself and she said it was a joke but even if it was, what kind of a fucking joke is that?!

I just hate her so much but I love my dad more than I hate her so I've got to put up with her fucking bullshit over Christmas when all I want to do is just punch her square in the face. Thank god GTA V exists to get some aggression out.

Have a very Merry Christmas to all my DA friends :)

Ciao - Jason
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