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TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida

The Impact Wrestling crowd were greeted from a return from the commercial break to see a pre-taped promo that Chloe Storm did herself in her Florida apartment; books were strewn around the apartment which was evident of the 24 year old Edinburgh native’s part-time job as a teaching assistant, she was wearing a grey vest with a white design on the front of it and the phrase ’Get In Ma’ Belly’ on the front of it, Chloe also wore some grey track-pants and had her long dark brown hair flowing down to her shoulders as she was resting against swivelled on the leather office chair she had in her apartment with a childish laugh before stopping herself as she faced the camera and spoke in her thick Scottish accent.

“Chloe Storm, the uncrowned Knockouts Champion, would like to mention that my signature hunt is going well, I got Spud to sign last week and then I emailed it home to ma’ mum back in Edinburgh who then signed it 99 more times so therefore the call that Angelina Love beat Chloe Storm, which she clearly didn’t, is null and void” mentions Chloe as the Impact fans were booing the goofy and overbearingly obnoxious 5ft2 Edinburgh native already as Chloe continued her promo with the most obnoxiously cheesy grin plastered on her face.

“So therefore by default, Chloe Storm is the new Knockouts Champion” as Chloe pulled out a cheap party blower that people use at Christmas or for a birthday and blew on it creating the comical effect of it being so low-budget as Chloe gave a toothy grin as underneath Chloe, some white text appeared on the screen that read ”Impact Wrestling does not recognise Chloe Storm as the Knockouts Champion, everything Chloe mentions about her being the rightful Knockouts Champion has any bearing only in her delusional mind”

Later on in the night

Once again it was Chloe vs. Madison Rayne, Chloe had only been living in America and working for Impact Wrestling for two months at the most and she’d already faced a majority of the Knockouts but she was willing to put up with it because she was having a blast with her annoying goofball character, Chloe was wearing her signature tights with the lightning bolts over them, her tights this time were gold and she had a matching gold sports bra type top with traditional black wrestling boots and as Chloe went for a clothesline, which Madison ducked and came bounding back off the ropes, Chloe leaped up and nailed her fellow short-statured Knockout with a wicked jumping big boot that caught Madison right in the face as Chloe leaned her body over the ropes and started to scream at the booing crowd.

“Why don’t ya’ all shut ya’ stupid mouths!! Ya’ Americans can all kiss ma’ Scottish arse!!!” screams out Chloe angrily, obviously she wasn’t a total goofball, the fans were seeing her as a credible and dangerous young woman despite her small stature, thick accent and comical backstage segments as Chloe started to laugh as she swaggered around Madison and started to slap her to the sound of boos as she started to trash-talk the former top heel of the Knockouts division.

“Come on then Madison! This is ma’ house now!! This is ma’ ring and you are ma’ bitch!” shouts out Chloe slapping Madison right on the back of the head only for Madison to shove the Edinburgh native away from her only for Chloe to continue her offense with a big boot that sent Madison back down to the canvas as Chloe knelt down by Madison’s head and started to viciously headbutt her, it was clear that behind all the goofy segments and delusional claims about being the unofficial Knockouts Champion, Chloe still was a vicious brawler at her core.

“Get the hell off me or I’ll tear ya’ face off!!” screams out Chloe to the referee Jamie McGee when the ginger haired referee tried to stop Chloe headbutting the hell out of Madison as Chloe smirked down at the brunette babyface as Chloe performed a few spins for the booing fans before she said with a laugh “A’ know you’re telling the champ that I’m boo-rilliant and a’ know a’ am, but we must respect Madison here” she gestured to Madison and pulled her up by her hair before hitting another vicious headbutt.

As Chloe smirked arrogantly and irish whipped Madison off of the ropes and went for a big boot, Madison ducked the kick attempt and took the mouthy Scot down with a neckbreaker to the cheer of the crowd as Madison started to clap her hands together, which the crowd joined along in as Chloe pulled herself up to a vertical base and saw that Madison was aiming for her, however the wily 23 year old Scot pulled herself out of the ring through the bottom rope and seemed to rest against the ring apron as if she was calling for a breather however as Madison followed the Edinburgh native outside the ring, Chloe revealed her trap as she played possum and sucker the former Beautiful People member into it hook, line and sinker.

As Madison slid out of the ring, Chloe suddenly grabbed Madison by the hair, placed her arm under Madison’s chin and flung Madison’s arm over Chloe’s shoulder as Chloe fell back and hit a Flatliner, other-wised referred to as a Complete Shot or Modified STO as Madison was driven face first into the steel steps as the fans winced at the vicious move, but it was obvious that the almost bi-polar Chloe wasn’t finished yet as she grabbed the unconscious body of Rayne and violently flung her into the side of the announcers table as she screamed at Tenay and Tazz with anger.

“Get the hell outta’ my way!” as Chloe stormed towards Christy Hemme as the redheaded announcer was fleeing as Chloe started to laugh as she picked up a steel-chair and held it above her head, obviously not caring about disqualification as the Impact Wrestling fans booed the Scot even louder than before.

Chloe suddenly stopped and placed the chair down on the outside and seemed to think about not doing it, as she saw that Madison’s face was right on top of the chair as she started to laugh, running a hand through her long dark brown hair as she picked Madison’s lifeless body up and performed a vicious, Jake Roberts style DDT right onto the steel-chair as the bell rang and the fans jeered and chanted ‘You Suck’ to the unpredictable 23 year old, 5ft2 Edinburgh native as she saw on the ringside floor and started to laugh as she saw the lifeless body of Madison Rayne.

Impact Wrestling 24/7

The youtube show where wrestlers would have backstage interviews and the like with Jeremy Borash, this time featured Chloe Storm, who was seen walking by Borash and the camera man, chuckling to herself as she was still wearing her ring gear from her match with Madison Rayne in which Chloe got herself disqualified when she DDT’ed Madison on a steel chair.

“Chloe…do you have an explanation for your assault on Madison Rayne?” as Chloe passed the camera-view and comically walked backwards as if she’d been rewound as she turned to face Borash and glared at the taller man, Chloe may have been small in size but she was still an extremely dangerous young woman just glared at the man with a look of disgust as she yanked the microphone off the man before saying.

“Yes, I like to hurt people, wrestling’s a vicious business and if you get into the ring with Chloe Storm you should expect to get hurt, really, really, really badly! I am the rightful Knockouts Champion and you blame whoever the hell is in charge of this damn division, I’m going to keep putting Knockouts on the shelf until I get my Knockouts Championship handed to me. I do whatever I want and there isn’t a damn person in that locker-room, in this country, in this world, in this galaxy and/or universe that can stop Chloe Storm…now get the hell out of ma’ way, I’ve got to ring ma’ mum to tell her that her daughter is going to get what is rightfully hers” Chloe stormed off camera before she peered her head around so she could be seen by the camera as she waved and said with a big grin on her face.

“Hi mum and dad; I told ya’ that your daughter would make it big and when I get the Knockouts Championship, I’d like to thank you for producing this world beater. And I’d like to thank you for being such lovely and wonderful parents, I’d also like to thank Roddy Piper for being the best fake Scotsman ever, I’d like to thank the kids in ma’ class for calling me fat, ugly, stupid, poor, weird for giving me a great way to express my anger in a positive manner” as Chloe suddenly punched the wall in anger at her school days as she screamed and held her stinging hand in pain as she winced and carried on her speech none-the-less as Borash seemed bored by now.

“I’d like to the thank my class in Orlando Elementary School for giving me such a warm welcome as your teaching assistant, if the rest of the staff don’t know then you do know, I’d like to thank America for making me gain 50 pounds in a month thanks to all the great portion sizes, Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts for not kicking me out after I cleared out your stock-“ Chloe was then cut off when Borash and the camera man walked away from her as Chloe could be heard screaming in the distance.

“Hold on! I haven’t thanked the Scottish Football team for not even making it to the World Cup and making me look even better by comparison!!”

As the camera turned back to Chloe, who was sticking her tongue out and sticking her two fingers up at the two, it was obvious that Chloe was more deranged and more dangerous than her goofy antics would lead one to believe.
This is a quite bi-polar Chloe Storm fic because she shows off her goofy personality but a slightly unhinged, Jake Roberts esque personality to go along with it, she's still not as psychopathic as someone like Victoria and most of the time she's a Heath Slater style goofball who is a talented in ring performer but I wanted to give her another layer of possibly mental instability with her childhood and believe me I will write a piece where it shows her in her other job as an Elementary School Teaching Assistant.

I hope you enjoy this piece mates, there really aren't any babyface Knockouts for Chloe to work with that she hasn't already, if you have any suggestions than please tell me in the comments :)

Chloe Storm (C) Me
Everyone Else (C) Themselves
KamenRiderReaper Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The fact that Chloe has pretty much convinced herself that she is the rightful Knockouts Champion is priceless and I fucking love it, haha. I couldn't help but to smirk when she mentioned how she was able to get almost a hundred signatures from her mother and the fact that that disclaimer was added at the end truly puts this segment over the top. Priceless work and just think that this was only the start of this story. :P As comedic as she can be, though - and I believe that your title alluded to this quite nicely - she is just as ferocious in the ring as anyone else. I loved the way that she was able to be so aggressive with Madison Rayne during the course of the match and her mouthing off only made you want to see her get decked in the face that much more. The attack at the end was especially powerful, Jake Roberts-style DDT on the chair and all. No one quite does a DDT like that man and I'd like to think that Chloe did him justice... Aggressive, snap-like, steel chair-assisted justice. The ending interview was also quite effective and you could tell that Borash pretty much got himself in quite a predicament while interviewing her. Her thank yous were also pretty effective, if you ask me. She seems genuinely happy with her parents but everyone else, yeah, fuck them with a rusty spoon is all that I can say. XD Even going so far as to thank people during her elementary school days... Brilliant, man. You could tell that she would be able to draw out this segment even more so had she been afforded the time to do so. A really neat piece and one that, in one way or smile, will create smiles on the faces of others. Nicely done, Jason!
kaltagstar96 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Thanks. I really love writing Chloe because my other OCs like Victoria and Madison for example have been psychopathic and unstable (to varying degrees) but Chloe is more of a cheeseball heel that you want to see get punched square in the face, like Heath Slater, it's just a shame that she doesn't really have a lot of babyface Knockouts to go against which is becoming a problem for me when writing her, it isn't even my fault it's because the KO division couldn't be any worse currently and I had a load of fun writing Chloe's acceptance speech at the end and the first promo from her own apartment with the low budget streamers, in a way she's like a WCW era Chris Jericho and I really plan to make her even more ridiculous but still showing her in-ring skill, between this and writing Pearl Harbra vs. Yoshihiko the blow-up doll, my latest fics have been super fun to write Rob and I'm really glad you liked it :)
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