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Victoria McKenzie smirked with a mixture of twisted unstability and sadistic arrogance, she wore her signature black turtleneck that was tight around the Australian's slight gut, she wore teal blue booty shorts and black knee pads with black boots.

Her attack on the fan had got her what Victoria wanted most..attention, for years Victoria was always ignored, always trying her hardest no matter what it was, she'd put up with people stealing her autism medication, she'd put up with people bullying her in high school and now she was done putting up with being ignored.

The reason Victoria attacked that specific fan was because when Victoria was in high school, a preppy cheerleader cornered the timid Australian who happened to have her autism medication with her, the blonde then proceaded to shove Victoria's autism medication down her throat, which caused Victoria to nearly choke to death on them.

Victoria thought about that moment and felt a lump in throat, Victoria had never been so scared in her life.

"Hey Vickie!" Victoria turned around and saw her tag team partner Awesome Kong who looked at the bi-sexual Australian

"What can I do you for Kong?"

"Well I saw that fan who you attack-" Kong got no further as the fan in question bolted through the locker-room door of the two Knockouts and tackled Victoria into the table before throwing a lamp at Kong keeping the bigger of the two away.

"Aww look at you now Victoria, your not such a bully now are you?!"

"Screw you wanker!!" shouts Victoria as the fan grabbed a hold of Victoria's long black hair and snatched the Australians autism medication from the shelf as Victoria's eyes went wide in pure fear, the complete look of fear on Victoria's face even startled Kong, Victoria was either angry or arrogant and Kong had not once seen Victoria look so weak and scared.

"Please don't do this to me!" begs Victoria tears threating to spill down her face as the fan started to smile sadistically, taking this punishment too far

"Aww look at you, now your crying! your pathetic McKenzie, your fat, bi-polar, a waste of space and a thug who loves to pray on the weak and the feeble!"

Victoria was too frozen in fear to even respond or kick the fan away as security tried to get the fan off Victoria only for the fan to pour some of Victoria's autism medication down the 19 year olds throat, causing the Australian to choke and gag on them, as Kong rushed up and slapped Victoria hard on the back, causing her to cough up all the medication she nearly choked on Victoria looked to Kong with a look of pure fear on her face with tears welling up in her eyes.

Victoria looked to Kong with total fear on her face as Kong comforted the heel Knockout who nearly choked on a sob as Impact cut to commercial.
Sort of a continuation of what Victoria did at Final Resolution, assaulting a fan, the fan decides to try and get one up on Victoria on the Impact after the PPV

Where the plant/fan decides to try and murder isn't that going abit too far or is it just me?

Victoria McKenzie & The Fan (C) Me
KamenRiderReaper Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's kind of sad to see just how bad Victoria's life was and while she is still a mean-spirited woman, her heart is tortured so in a way it's difficult to not feel sorry for her. She's a great character in many ways, a face in life while a heel in art. Sadly, the latter can have great consequences and you really amped up the sympathy here. That's essentially what it comes down to and I really enjoyed what I read here. :) Nicely done!
kaltagstar96 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Thanks for the comment Rob :)

I always see Victoria as someone who, as you said, has had a hard life at times and all she want's to do is ruin the lives of everyone else in her way and make them feel like she did.

I'm glad you liked it Rob, and at least Melissa has picked up the pieces of Victoria's heart (well she's Victoria's wife for a reason ;))
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