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TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida

As the screen cut to an upcoming match graphic with an image of Gail Kim on the left with the Knockouts Championship draped over her shoulder and to her right was an image of Chloe Storm as a big name-plate of the KO Championship was in the middle of them as the up-next logo showed that the ’Uncrowned Knockouts Champion’ Chloe Storm was going to get a chance to become the legitimate Knockouts Champion if she defeated Gail Kim next on Impact Wrestling.

The camera then suddenly cut backstage to reveal Chloe Storm and the mere presence of the loud and obnoxious Scottish Knockout was getting the fans to boo her before Chloe had even said a word. Chloe was wearing her signature gold attire with the lightning bolts all over the tights and the sports bra style top, her old school black wrestling boots were around the 5ft3, 24 Edinburgh native’s feet as she stormed up to the next Director of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle, who got cheers from the Impact Wrestling fans as the bald headed Gold Medallist was wearing a smart black jacket with a dark grey shirt and some black dress-pants as Chloe stormed up to the bald headed man and exclaimed in her thick Scottish accent.

“Care to explain to me something?! Why is Chloe Storm, unofficial Knockouts Champion, having to face Gail Kim to get what is rightful mine? Didn’t you read the signatures that I got? I thought that you listened to your fans?!”

Kurt just chuckled and said to the 5ft3 Scottish renegade goofball “Chloe, 1 signature from Spud and 99 from your mother doesn’t really count, besides think of this as an opportunity to prove yourself that you can beat Gail, I’m sure it’ll be a great match” as Chloe raised an eyebrow, as much as she didn’t want to admit it, the babyface authority figure had a point so she nodded and said to the man who won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck.

“I guess ya’ have a point, Just make sure you update the website in advance” mentions Chloe as she strides off, bold as brass and brimming with arrogance and over-confidence as the camera cut to a commercial with Kurt Angle just shaking his head in disbelief at Chloe’s egomania and delusions about her being ‘The Unofficial Knockouts Champion’.

After Commercial Break

The lovely Christy Hemme was standing in the middle of the ring as the red headed ring announcer said to the Impact Wrestling fans “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TNA Knockouts Championship”

Chloe’s theme of Larger Than Life by Coming This Fall hit the PA System as the Impact Wrestling fans instantly started booing as Chloe made her way out to the entrance stage, outstretching her arms with the most obnoxiously annoying grin on her face as she exclaimed to the booing fans in her thick Scottish accent “Say hello to your future Knockouts Champion!!” as Chloe made her way down to the ring Christy announced “Introducing first, the challenger, from Edinburgh, Scotland, Chloe Storm!!” as Chloe heard that and scowled, sliding into the ring as the 5ft3 young woman got right in Christy’s face and started to scream at her.

“I’m the future Knockouts Champion and you will announce me as such. Say it!!” Chloe shoved the microphone into Christy’s face as the red-head just groaned and said with obvious irritation in her voice “The Unofficial Knockouts Champion, Chloe Storm” as Chloe smiled and outstretched her arms and performed a few twirls as she laughed and rested against the ropes as she waited for her opponent to come out.

Puppets On A String by Dale Oliver hit the PA System as the Impact Wrestling fans started to cheer for the official Knockouts Champion as Gail Kim stood on the stage with the Knockouts Championship on her shoulder, Gail was wearing black booty shorts with a matching sports bra type top and some black leggings that went up to her knees as she bounced down the ramp and slapped hands with some fans as Christy announced with a spring in her voice.

“And her opponent, from Tampa, Florida, she is the Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim!!” suddenly Chloe snatched the microphone from Christy and screamed right in her face causing the obnoxious and rude Scot to get more heel heat her way as Chloe screeched “I’m the Knockouts Champion! Chloe Storm is the unofficial Knockouts Champion; this Korean-Canuck is just holding it for me!!”

Gail by this point was in the ring and glaring at Chloe, who bullied Christy out of the ring and started to scream right at Gail, the veteran, wasn’t amused by the hot-headed 24 year old half-pint with a hot-head as she just smirked and cocked an eyebrow as Brian Hebner, the referee of the Championship contest, made the motion for the bell to be rung.

Ding Ding

The bell rang as Chloe and Gail circled each-other, with the chants of ‘Gail’ filling the Impact Zone as Chloe glared at the fans and screamed, kicking the bottom rope in a childish temper tantrum “Shut up!! I’m the uncrowned Knockouts Champion!! Chloe freaking Storm!!” as Chloe suddenly got caught in a wrist lock from Gail as the 24 year old Edinburgh native performed some European style chain-wrestling counters by rolling forward and arching her back as she bridged only for the challenger to drop down onto her back and take Gail over with an armdrag as Chloe raised both her arms up and exclaimed.

“Let’s Go Chloe!!” as Chloe tried to start her own chant only for the fans to chant back “Let’s Go Gail!!” as Chloe scowled at the fans before ducking behind Gail and locking in a side-headlock as Chloe once again laughed boisterously as she exclaimed “Side-headlock; Side-headlock right here baby!!” as the crowd booed the Scot once again, Gail suddenly backed Chloe into the ropes and pushed the Scot off as Chloe rebounded off of the ropes, Gail leapfrogged over Chloe and caught the heel with a kick to the gut causing her to double over as Gail went to take the smaller challenger over, Chloe went to block her with a shoulder block.

Although as was shown when Chloe faced Angelina Love, the 5ft3 frame of the Edinburgh native did work against her as she held her shoulder in pain and sucked her teeth as she murmured to herself before suddenly raking Gail in the eye as she laughed and hit Gail with a headbutt right to the head as Chloe’s comical actions weren’t taking away from her hard-nosed, brawling style of wrestling that was a contrast to Gail’s technical side of things as Chloe took Gail over with a Dynamite Kid style snap suplex as Chloe kipped up to her feet and dropped a knee right on Gail’s ribs before she leaped up and dropped a leg over Gail’s throat.

Chloe ran a hand through her dark brown hair and had a sadistic glee in her eyes as she posed for the booing fans, raising her arms up in the air in the manner of Randy Orton but it was as if she was demanding the booing fans worship her “I do what I want and nobody can bloody stop me!!” laughs out Chloe arrogantly as she flexed her ‘guns’ much to the annoyance of the fans as Chloe started to slap Gail around a bit with a grin as she screamed right in Gail’s ear.

“I’m the next Knockouts Champion! Chloe Storm is the future and there isn’t a damn thing that you Americans can do about it!!” however Gail suddenly grabbed the trash-talking Chloe and rolled her up with a small package as Chloe quickly kicked out and her eyes, which were nearly bugging out of her head, nearly caused Gail to corpse as she composed herself and took the mouthy Scot down with a dropkick as Chloe pulled herself up and quickly ducked to the apron and as Gail ran at her, Chloe grabbed Gail by the hair, pulled her head over the ropes and hit a wicked European uppercut before sitting down on the apron, hot-shotting Gail’s throat over the top rope with a stunner as Chloe started to smile and laugh at the booing crowd as she ran a hand through her long, dark brown hair as she sling-shotted herself into the ring over the top rope and dropped the point of her elbow right onto the throat and chest of Gail.

Trying to win her first official Knockouts Championship, Chloe hooked the leg and tried to get a win over the veteran Gail, however Gail had kicked out before referee Brian Hebner’s hand slapped the mat for 2 as Chloe glared at the official and held three fingers up and when Hebner and when he told her it was a 1 count, Chloe stuck her middle finger up at the referee which got a chuckle from the crowd as Chloe glared and took down Gail with a bodyslam as she ran off the ropes and went for a knee drop, only for the veteran Gail to move out the way and as a result, Chloe got nothing but canvas as she turned around and got her head taken off with a vicious clothesline thanks to Gail as Chloe was turned inside out.

Chloe held her head and pulled herself up, dazed and confused as she suddenly felt Gail grab her arm as she knew that Gail was going to try and go for her Eat Defeat finisher however Chloe latched onto the ropes and Gail fell onto her back, Chloe, attempting to strike while the iron was hot, grabbed Gail in the hammerlock position and went to leap onto Gail’s back for her ‘Perfect Storm’ hammerlock backstabber finisher but Gail had a counter for that too as she suddenly took Chloe’s arm and before Chloe could leap up, Gail yanked Chloe’s arm away from her and hit an single arm DDT as Chloe hit the mat hard, Gail kept a hold of Chloe’s arm so she could hit the arrogant Edinburgh native with a nasty surprise.

As Chloe held her arm in pain, she suddenly got the surprise of her life when Gail pulled Chloe up to a vertical based, placed her foot to the side of Chloe’s head and fell back, drilling Chloe with a vicious Eat Defeat as Chloe sold the move like absolute death as she was a lifeless body lying face down on the canvas as Gail hooked the leg away from the ropes as referee Brian Hebner counted 1-2-3

The fans cheered loudly as Puppets On A String hit the PA System as Brian raised Gail’s hand and handed her the Knockouts Championship as Christy Hemme announced “Here is your winner and still the Knockouts Champion; Gail Kim!!”

As Gail left the ring with her championship held high, Chloe was just stirring from getting hit with the Eat Defeat and as she realised that she lost another Knockouts Championship match, she lost it and threw a temper tantrum worse than a 5 year old kid as she started to scream and angrily slam her hands on the mat as the fans started to laugh at the Edinburgh native who screamed out in her thick Scottish accent “Shut up ya’ stupid bastards!!” as Chloe rolled out the ring and angrily kicked over the steel steps before glaring at Christy Hemme and before the red-headed announcer knew what had happened, Chloe dropped Christy with a vicious punch to the face as she started to tear apart Tazz and Mike Tenay’s announce table as she suddenly started to smirk twistedly.

Picking up the steel chair that Christy usually sat on, Chloe folded it up and stood over Christy, who was still dizzy from getting punched square in the face by the out of control Chloe who wedged the chair in between Christy’s leg and lifted her leg up before standing right on the chair and Christy’s leg as Christy screamed in pain as Chloe may have broken her leg as Chloe started to laugh as she left the scene in a hail of boos as Chloe stood on the ramp and screamed out to the fans.

“This is a conspiracy to get Chloe Storm away from the Knockouts Championship! Well I’m onto you Kurt Angle and your little co-conspirators, Chloe Storm is the future, oh it’s true, it’s damn real!!”

The Next Day

Chloe Glencross, the real name of Chloe Storm, entered the Orlando Elementary School that she was a teaching assistant at, Chloe wore some black jeans with some black and white sneakers with a black t-shirt that read 'Made in Scotland' on the front with the Scottish flag underneath the slogan as Chloe also wore a leather jacket as she entered the staff room and was suddenly attacked with a sudden 'You got screwed' chant from her fellow teaching assistants as if they were a wrestling audience.

"What's going on here?" Chloe asked in her natural and still thick Scottish accent as one of her best friends, a Florida native who was a middle aged man who loved wrestling as much as Chloe and had been watching NWA and WCW for years before both promotions closed, he was a good build for his age and wasn't overweight or too skinny, he had short black hair and didn't look his age, mentioned to the 5ft3 Scot.

"Well it's true what happened, you got screwed didn't you? Your class are as ticked off as we are and we all just want you to know that we're so proud of you, doing this job alone is hard enough but the fact you can squeeze wrestling into it as well is truly amazing, you're such an irritating brat and you're old school in a way, you kind of remind me of a WCW style Chris Jericho only you're doing your own thing"

Chloe couldn't stop herself as she pulled her friend into a tight hug as Chloe said to the middle aged Florida native in her thick Scottish accent "Could you be my Ralphus?" as Chloe got her phone out and tweeted a picture of herself with a death glare and a snarl on her face as her fellow teaching assistants were in the background with glares or giving the thumbs down as Chloe tweeted the picture with the caption.

"Gail, TNA, Angle. I've gotten my Storm Chasers together and we're going to make you stop the conspiracy against Chloe, Give me my Knockouts Championship or we'll tear your Angle regime up #StopTheConspiracyAgainstChloe"
The title is a lame pun on the phrase 'Big Man On Campus' because Chloe's day job is a Teaching Assistant in an Orlando Elementary School and I finally got to show that side of her after the match with her and Gail, which was super fun to write because Chloe's such a goofy character yet she's so talented in the ring and I really, really hope that you guys like this piece.

Enjoy mates :P

Chloe Storm (C) Me
Everyone Else (C) Themselves
KamenRiderReaper Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess if you want to show just how confident you are, you are going to do it by boasting to an Olympic gold medal winner, aren't you? :P I really liked the start of this story, Jason, and I think that you got these personalities down perfectly. The reader can very well put him or herself into the shoes of Kurt Angle but c'mon, how can you not appreciate the brash demeanor of Chloe? It's pretty fun to read. The Knockouts Title match was enjoyable in its own right as well and of course, part of me wanted to see Chloe win even though this bitch has enough confidence to account for an entire sports team, haha. The fact that Christy Hemme had to reintroduce her during the entrance was a fun touch. After being called a "Korean-Canuck," you knew that Gail wasn't going to hold back in the slightest. Chloe performed well in this match - even starting a chant of her own, to some extent - and I loved how bruising she was even throughout her own confidence. Even though she fought well, Chloe lost and what better way for her to go out, in this story, than with a temper tantrum the likes of which only a few of us could ever imagine, right? XD But her attack at the end... Yeesh. Definitely not a laughing matter. You had to wonder if there was anyone who could truly put Chloe in her place as opposed to just beat her in matches. The #StopTheConspiracyAgainstChloe movement... Quite interesting, I must say. Nicely done on this story overall, Jason. Keep up the good work!
kaltagstar96 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Thanks for the awesome comment Rob :P I really agree that Chloe is one of the most obnoxious bitches on the face of the earth but that's why she's such an entertaining heel and I had to have her stride up to an Olympic Gold Medallist as bold as brass without caring.

The ending of the match was my favourite part to write because Chloe is such a spoilt brat that she would probably do that xD and I'm really glad you liked this Rob and I hope you're excited to see more Chloe Storm stuff :)
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