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Things that piss Jason off 1 by kaltagstar96 Things that piss Jason off 1 by kaltagstar96
Note: I'm not trying to offend anyone i just have to get this of my chest

Jason: Fans...they frustrate me, they irritate me because there ungratefull, they don't appreciate the work I do, they don't appreciate the work SDWF does they don't respect the fact that people like me, Eddie Barker, Tyler Ross, Kuro, Hammerlock, Rebel and Ashley Potter work our ASSES off for them and do they respect it well most do which i like but the minority of people who don't respect us, now i can't speak for everyone but i can certintily speak for myself to all you people on the internet blogging or Youtube geeks i have a message for you: the next time you call me "Lame", "Overrated", a "Gay" or whatever let me say this and i'll say it real sllloowww "I.Don't.Give.A.Fuck.About What you think of me, yeah your real hard now but you marks and trolls i bet You Wouldn't Have The Balls To Say It To My Face and to the people who say i botch now i'll admit i'm not the best wrestler but do you know why it's because all the HWF crew all the EFW Crew all the SDWF Crew are the best freakin' wrestlers in the WORLD Today and i am honoured to be able to work with them.

Anyway every wrestler botches at some point even the greatest wrestlers botch at times but these "OH MY GOD JASON HITS HIS OWN PARTNER IN A TANDEM SPOT/Botchamania" oh sorry for not being perfect like you people could do better give me a break listen i was ranked by Powerslam Wrestling Magazine (which i really subscribe too by the way it's awesome) in the PS50 section as #7 and they said about me I have a bright future in wrestling that speaks for itself

All the characters i mentioned (C) Respective owners

Jason McGlade (C) Me

for the record all my friends I LOVE YOU ALL
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March 24, 2011
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